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The Likes move into their newly finished studio

We were sad to leave our old practice room but the time came for something a bit bigger that we could separate with a live room, control room and separate storage. Starting with a blank sheet Stu got cracking. We

  • The Likes play George at Asda’s 25th Birthday Party

                  The Likes were asked to play for all the staff at the 25th birthday party of George at Asda at Head Office, George House, Lutterworth on 24th July 2015.          

  • New Gig: NSIF Charity Gig confirmed

    The Likes to play at a fundraising event for the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation at The King Power Stadium, Leicester on Saturday 14th November. For more information see our gigs page.  

  • The Likes play a wedding reception on a Jumbo Jet

    On the 30th December 2014 The Likes played one of their most unusual venues for a wedding reception, a stripped out 747 Jumbo Jet at Bruntinthorpe Aerodrome, Leicestershire. On a very chilly New Year’s Eve’s Eve we rocked the plane

  • New LIVE Videos from Oxjam

    Some new LIVE videos up on the site from our headline slot at Oxjam Spends a Day in The Park. To view go to the Videos page.