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The Likes move into their newly finished studio

We were sad to leave our old practice room but the time came for something a bit bigger that we could separate with a live room, control room and separate storage.

Starting with a blank sheet Stu got cracking. We split the space into the various rooms before insulating with sound deadening. IMG_6799
IMG_8032 Some acoustic panels were installed to deal with the sound inside the live room. These work really well.
The next thing was to get the studio equipment installed. IMG_9364
IMG_9513[1] And a link between the live room and the control room.
And some decent mics for recording vocals. IMG_9363
IMG_9348 IMG_9347 And instruments.
Just a few finishing touches required. IMG_8768
IMG_8899 And the obligatory refreshments fridge and we’re all set to go!


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Jan 12
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