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Wedding Band Advice & Tips

There are so many wedding bands out there what type should I choose?

Having the right music at your wedding reception is an important part of the day and so is making sure people have a great time. What most people want is a band that will play a range of songs from old to new but will more importantly get people up dancing on the dance floor.

Funk/Disco/Soul/Motown Band – This type of band can be popular because the songs are well known and lively but the bands can be quite large so if you are limited on space this might not be an option. They can also be very expensive especially if they have a brass section and/or keyboard. They often don’t do more modern songs but this might not be a problem to you.

Pop/Rock/Indie Band – This type of band is a very popular choice and they often play songs from the 1960s up till the current day so this caters for all ages and musical tastes. The songs are usually upbeat and great for filling the dance floor. Bands are normally 3 or 4 piece so are smaller and therefore can be cheaper than some bigger bands. We class ourselves in this genre but we do diversify into the other genres as well.

Swing/Jazz Band – Not as popular as the above 2 types of band but at the same time can be great entertainment. However if you want some more modern songs then this might not be the right band for you. Also Swing/Jazz is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Ceilidh Band – If you want something a bit quieter you might consider a Ceilidh band. These bands perform folk type music often without drums so can be ideal for venues with strict noise limit policies/machines. These bands use instruments such as fiddle, flute, tin whistle, accordion etc and could work well if you want a more traditional style band.

Whatever your choice, just remember, it’s all about what type of music you and your guests will love on the night!

Choosing the right band

You can get a good gauge of a wedding band from their demos but the best way to find a band is from a personal recommendation from friends or family or if you have seen the band. It is good to see a band at a wedding because this will often be all their equipment which they might not have at public gigs. This helps you getting a true picture of their full set up.

Personally we find a lot of our gigs are by word of mouth and this means a lot to us because it tells us we are doing our job right. It is also good for people to see us at a wedding because our public gigs are few and far between and we don’t take all our equipment to pubs so you are not

Should I expect to see the band play live before I make a booking?

This can be useful but not essential and not always possible. Most bands will try to play a selection of public gigs for potential clients to come and see them as do we. Be wary of bands that will invite you to another clients private event. This means they might do the same to you.

We understand that it is not always possible for you to attend live sets. Rest assured our live performances are even better than our demos. We will NEVER bring potential clients to another clients private event. We think this is a big NO and can’t understand why some bands think this is acceptable.

Do I really need a separate DJ?

Most bands will offer to play music in between sets as an alternative to a DJ and this is a great way to save money. This is usually in the form of a laptop connected to the PA system.

We offer a full DJ booth with dance floor lighting and star cloth around the base of the booth. This is much more than most bands offer and we are proud of our DJ service.

Do we need a stage for the band?

This is not essential at all but can add to the impact of the band. Most bands are happy to play with or without a stage.

Should we have live music while we eat?

If you want live music while people eat it usually works better to have acoustic or instrumental music as a full live band can be distracting.

How much should I pay for a wedding band?

Basically you pay peanuts and you get monkeys! A great wedding band has a lot of costs to incur such as regular rehearsal rooms, liability insurance, PAT testing, transport, lighting, quality equipment, spare instruments and PA and other costs which go along with running a busy band. All of this goes towards providing a professional package. If you use a cheap band that has basic equipment or doesn’t have suitable insurance for your venue it is just asking for trouble in our opinion.

We use only the best equipment and low power, high efficiency lighting. Some of our equipment costs more than our cars! We don’t use backing tracks and we are always FULLY LIVE. We are fully insured and spare no expense on any aspect of our set up. We have compared ourselves to other bands and we believe the service we offer for the price is way better than any of our competitors.

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